About (in english)

Created in 2004, Hengeyokais Prod leads two main missions:

– As a booking agent and events producer, we wish to give a new source of energy and a serious influence to a buzzing current alternative rock scene. With some strong marketing skills, a relevant promotion/advertissing savoir-faire and a tour support, Hengeyokais Prod suggests a viable solution to national and international artists. Our aim will be to grow our artists’ careers by assisting them artistically and over time.
– In a second hand, we will organise playful events, as well as role-plays, treasure hunts, investigation nights, around several themes. Hengeyokais Prod wants to grow this playful culture with high-quality proposals.

Hengeyokais Prod now is looking for collaborators -festivals, concert halls, music events organisers, sponsors, associations, tour producers, patrons, editors- to keep working together on new tasks and projects.
Feel free to contact us.

375 Rue des Marguinettes, 59258 CREVECOEUR, FRANCE
Siret : 504 055 336 00011  –  Code APE : 9499Z

Team :
Pierre Bastien
Thomas Placet – Lud’O’Mobile
Salomé Hublard – Photographer Comptoir des Mirettes
François Mangeurdekiwis Noblecourt
Anne Boulanger
Nolwenn Guillot
Justine Noblecourt
Grégoire Legros – Les graphistes n’ont pas de cravate